In the face of large global problems, it is easy to feel powerless.

As an artist, I have always wondered what kind of difference I could make. Indeed, it is hard to really feel like taking pretty photographs can change the world yet this project has taught me that just by spreading the word, you can make a difference.

Within a single week, my series generated over 10,000 pledges from people around the world to reduce their plastic use. If only 1% of them reduce their plastic consumption by 10% - that's 100,000 less plastic bottles in the sea.

With over 10 million views in just a week, requests for prints came streaming in - teachers, entrepreneurs, mothers - they wanted to have a print up to share the threat of plastic pollution in a beautiful interesting way.

As a result, the creative team and I have decided to offer prints with a message at cost so that you can help spread the word.

As an individual that cares, you can help change the world.


See How It Was Done:

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