Ahh so something completely unexpected happened yesterday.

For the first time since we launched the project… I fell asleep before Erwan! We were in the middle of discussing an updated video script to present our next video to you guys as well as improvements I should be making in a future photoshop tutorial and somehow… I just fell asleep. YES people… apparently I get tired too so at only 2AM I was a snoring baby.

No worries, I made up for it by waking up EXTREMELY excited this morning at 7 AM (no alarms needed anymore in my life). Things on our end are going pretty good. We’ve actually began receiving requests from artists themselves who are interested in the project as well as potential start-up companies that are interested in sponsoring the project!

Erwan and I are discussing non-stop the various logistics and possibilities in order to put this project together… and it’s been email after email updates… without counting the texts, calls and meetups!

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Other than emails I’ve been toying with a new screen grab software called screenflow, practicing to prepare those photoshop tutorials that I want to present to you guys. We’ll be throwing a free one up on our youtube page once we’re satisfied with what we look like. To get your mouth watering… it’ll be a shot from my dead sea photoshoot… 😛

I also finally got my blog set up for you guys which you can check out over at www.vonwong.com/blog (if you’re not already reading it) with a nice EUROPE category where you guys will be able to receive constant updates on our journey. Add us to your RSS feed, we’ll be putting up some good content that you won’t want to miss!! Any feedback (positive or negative) would be super appreciated! Special shoutout to photographer Nicolas Vallet who’s been my wordpress technician helping me set the whole thing out from Paris!

Benjamin  Von Wong | Montreal Based Photographer |

Finally, had a conversation with horse photographer Dan Foz Foster who has set me up with a shoot with para-Olympic para-dressage olympic athelete Natasha Baker during our little stay in London. For those of you on the non-british side of the world, para-dressage is essentially a sport where you ride prettily. She’ll be a fantastic subject to present with an undoubtedly amazing story.
4 Natasha Baker

Stay tuned guys. And good afternoon Europe :)