Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you guys a quick update before heading off to bed…

First off I wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter or Passover depending which part of the world you’re from and what you believe in. (wee holidays!)

The day just flew by me, barely even saw it pass. I had three hours of sleep, woke up at 6AM to head off from Montreal to Toronto and it’s just been non-stop facebook, twitter, emails, video editing mixed with some skype, phone and the list just goes on and on… To give you an idea, I counted a total of 273 threaded email messages since I woke up this morning until now 51 facebook conversations in my personal account, and 9 in my fan page account.

It’s all for something though since we’re only 300$ short of our 5000$ goal on day 5 of the fundraising with 25 days remaining and it’s thanks to you guys, our backers for sharing so enthusiastically with those around you!!

I just finished recording a live photoshop edit that I hope to put online soon to give you guys an example of what type of photoshop tutorial you can be expecting to receive and Erwan’s busy storyingboarding a presentation of the artists we will be featuring!

Thank you guys all so much for your support once again, I don’t know where I get all my energy from but I’m guessing that it’s from you.