Today’s been quite an amazing journey. Between yesterday and now I’ve had a fantastic 2 hours of sleep (8AM-10AM) and somehow, miraculously… I’m still here typing out this first blog post. Erwan and I spent an intensive sleepless night putting together the entire IndieGoGo project! It takes a surprisingly long time writing out text making it sound just… perfect.

So what did we do? Well, edited video, audio, filmed, tweaked and even had the opportunity to have an awesome skype conversation with one of our artists – Pyrotechnician Andrey Das at 5 AM .

Since the project was officially released around Noon, it’s been a constant stream of emails, facebook messages, calls for last minute tweaks and trying to get the whole hype going! Our biggest break was when Patrick Hall from actually reposted our project on their blog! Both Erwan and I were STUNNED to see how fast we managed to collect funds for our project and since then it’s been a combination of thanking each person who contributed and explaining to others the finer details of our project. Simultaneously, I’ve been contacting a bunch of companies to see if any of them would be interested in helping to sponsor some equipment to make this project even better. And somehow, in the midst of thanking, messaging, encouraging, sharing… here we are. 2:40 AM.

How do I feel? Awesome. And it’s thanks to you guys.

How do I look? What do you think!


  • Johannes

    WOW, I really like your new blog… I`am still waiting for more entries ;)

  • Pappahog

    Tired Benjamin! Get some well deserved rest.