A tale of Benjen Stark

“A tale of Benjen Stark” is a short 7 minute fan-fiction that takes place in the Game of Thrones universe that tells the beginning of the adventure of Benjen Stark following his return to the wall shortly after his visit to Winterfell. On a scouting mission Benjen Stark stumbles upon the bloody aftermath of an attack on a wildling camp. A pair of survivors are discovered as Ben attempts to unravel the mystery behind the carnage.

We’re hoping to continue this saga if the interest in it is there so if you liked it, please share the video and spread the love!

This short film is brought to you by VonWong and Five Knights Productions and produced with Les Ateliers Nemesis, Duché de Bicolline and Dracolite.

The project came together when Von Wong and Dracolite , the largest Medieval accessory store in Canada decided to collaborate and work on a short Game of Thrones fan film. Realizing that some serious special effects were going to be needed, they called up Les Ateliers Nemesis to provide them with some mindblowing special effects. Duche de Biccoline was called in as the location of choice to make this shoot possible who contributed accommodations and stunt choreographer Philippe Desmarais. Five Knights Productions a Montreal based group of videographers was called to complete the last critical part of the puzzle to help direct and shoot the film.

From that point forward, additional companies were called in to contribute to the shoot from local armories such as Fantasy Armour to additional special effects teams Atelier de l’Arbre Mecanique, Cinematic composer Kamel Bushnaq Music to Sound Engineer Andrew Kesler to Black Board Productions as additional camera and sound contributed to make this project a success.

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See the official BTS by Eric Dubé here:

  • First Assistant-Director:Francis Binet
  • Second Assistant-Director:Simon Lapointe
  • Benjen Stark:Yves Pelletier
  • Wildling Woman:Geneviève Fontaine
  • Wildling Child:Isabelle Goulet
  • Child Walker:Olivia Goulet
  • Walker Fighters:Francis Bélanger,Anne-Marie Taillefer
  • The Other: Isabelle Coupal
  • White Walkers:Steve Côté, Ian Forand, Geneviève Villanueva, Catherine Carpentier, Daniel Boulianne, Catherine Dionne, Alexandre Assabgui, Jonathan Perreault, Marie-Michèle Bergeron, André Bélanger,  Jacynthe Sauvageau-Tremblay
  • Additional Voice Acting:Graham Binns
  • Stunt Coordinator: Philippe Desmarais
  • Horse Trainer Isabelle Coupal
  • Horse Wranglers Rachel Coupal, Patricia Caron
  • Horses: Jazzie, Pélikan
  • Director of Photography: Ben McKinnon
  • Camera Operators: Kacim Steets, Ben McKinnon, Sebastian McKinnon
  • Behind the Scenes Photographer: Sonia Primerano
  • Behind the Scenes Videographers: Eric Dubé, Jakob Skögheim, Nicholas Koenig
  • Production Assistants: Anick Morel, Emiliano Jabiu, Jessika Chiasson, Sonia Primerano, Nicholas Koenig
  • Photographer: Von Wong
  • Editor: Ben McKinnon
  • Music Composer: Kamel Bushnaq
  • Boom Operator: Guillaume Parisien
  • Sound Mixing/Designing VFX Compositing: Andrew Kesler, Jeremy Ezekiel
  • Storyboard Artist: Sebastian McKinnon
  • Equipment Sponsored by: Blackboard Pictures
  • Prop Makers: Les Ateliers Nemesis
  • Pyrotechnician: Jacynthe Sauvageau-Tremblay
  • Costume Designers: Fantasy Armor, Dracolite, Atelier de L’Arbre Mécanique, Les Ateliers Nemesis
  • Makeup Artist: André Bélanger, Anne-Marie Taillefer, Jacynthe Sauvageau-Tremblay, Coraly Mouralian, Véronique Gauthier-Trudel, Geneviève Villanueva, Marie-Michèle Bergeron
  • On-Set Chef: Sébastien Simard
  • Chef Assistant: Éliane Gagné
  • Shot on Location at Le Duché de Bicolline

Interested in seeing how the photos were made? Check out how it was done here!